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Morning Tea at Birdies

There is a great place near Havelock North to have morning tree.  Tomorrow is my sister in laws birthday so we had a celebratory morning teaat a place called Birdies.

Birdies is famous for its indoor collection of very interesting artefacts and its great outdoor collection of bird art and African art imported from the artists themselves in Africa.

It is set in an area that was farmed but its now gardened.

Here is a flowering cherry at the peak of its blossoming glory.  There were several.

Grandchildren things

I am going to visit Australia where I have two grandchildren.  So I have been busy.

For the 9month old I have made a rattle

I made two.  Here they are still drying in clamps.

Here they are ready for oiling.

One freshly oiled rattle with one freshly oiled "giant weta".

I start my journey on Saturday so they will be dry enough for travel by then.

For those interested in woods, the body of the weta is Macrocarpa, the wheels and base-legs are pine and the feelers Mahogany.  The outer leg parts are not wood they are composites of bamboo.

Wednesdays Fotos

I make a second round with the new camera to try and learn how it works.

We start with a foto of the trimmings [prunings] of two weeks ago.

They fit compactly into a space next to the Textilis Bamboo and the firewood shed.

I have made two grandpa projects for little children I know.

The toys are based on the giant weta, a very rare NZ Native insect.

This foto shows the teeth of my large "breaking down" bandsaw. The saw can cut logs  up to 400mm thick. These logs are about the size of a human torso.

New Camera

The fotos that you see on my blog up to now have all been taken with a handy "point-and-shoot" pocket camera.  It has been useful as it is very small. I longed for clear close-ups so I went and bought a camera that will do "macro" work.

Here the first fotos with this camera.

"Woody" the cat enjoying the sunshine.

Woody the cat enjoying a nibble on some therapeutic silver beet.

A blackboy blossom.  [The fiddle tune is "Blackberryblossom".]
It looks like I'll have to get composing music now.

Now its Saturday

On Saturday I like to work in the garden.  I've been doing that all week.

This is the result of shredding 33 culms of "Bambusa Textilis"  Shredding is usually one tenth the size of the original material.  It really reduces the space it occupies.  That was Thursdays and Fridays work.

This is the machines I use.  It is very good for a "garden model"

It is built to be robust.

It has had a lot of use.  See the wear on the top.

The blades can be removed and sharpened.

Thursday's World

Today is Thursday again.  You have seen the wonderful world of blossoms  in my garden!  This wonderful time is coming to an end. I started today with a clean-up of my textilis bamboo.

This foto was taken with half the job done.  In all there were 33 culms lying on the lawn.  I shredded any part I couldn't use and then took them inside to the bandsaw to cut them through the nodes into flute lengths.

Here are some of the lengths stored away until they dry out.  Takes two to three months.

Mondays Wood..

I started turning these pipes on Monday.  Now look at them..[Friday]

Mahogany I have turned before, and the tones is always very good and clear. The other pipes are made up of five By-wood pipes and one of Pittosporum.  "Pittosporum" describes a family of small trees popular in New Zealand gardens as they are easy to grow native trees. The wood is very white.

I have just started on the blanks of Plane tree wood.  They have strong mottling in the grain....  like Rewarewa.

Spring is Sprung

Two weeks ago the first blossoms appeared on my first [= number One] plum tree.  I started pruning.

Now spring is really here with all the blossom trees in the garden getting going.

The blossoms on my first 'Blackboy' peach are just opening.  It is stunted because of the effect of the two bamboos nearby.  They slow growth of plants near them.

From close-up you can see the beautiful color in the blossoms.

Another view.

The daughter plant is doing very well.

This tree has grown tooo big for a tree just outside a window, but is beautiful and a strong producer of fruit.


The reason I make pipes is so young people can learn to play.  This foto is an example.

This is Silva's foto.  She is learning to play the six-hole pipe and comes regularly to play to me.  She is very enthusiastic and has learned extraordinarily quickly to play twenty or so tunes.  She  gives me great encouragement and helps me test the pipes and allows me to compare tuning, note for note, of the new pipes.  

Cheers Chris the Pipemaker


The FIRST pipe..

This afternoon I began turning the new set of pipes.  The first one was from Bay Wood, the tree that provides bay leaves for cooking.  The fragrance when turning is delicious.

You can see the blank I chose right on top, right in the middle, next to the eye protection.

The writing says it all.... "Bay"

Just for proof.  ..  The numbers indicate the wood was cut inMay [5] 2015  [5  15]

The knot in the middle of the blank disappeared during turning.

I have made depth cuts using the tool shown.
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