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Mohi Bush #1

This morning I got up early and headed out for a walk around and through Mohi Bush.

On the road to Mohi Bush, you get some stunning views over Hawkes Bay.  This foto looks towards the west.  The far blue line is the tops of the Ruahine Ranges.

Part of the Maraekakaho stream has bush on either side, as shown here.

This rooster feels at home here, but I don't think he is a wild bird.  He belongs to, or is fed by a local.

The hills along Maraekakaho road are of limestone.  This kind of rock has wonderful outcrops, a few of which are shown here.

Jubilee Street [#2]

More fotos of Jubilee Street.

Just next to the flax bushes there is a Banksia tree.  The tree is a native of Australia and is named after Joseph Banks, the botanist on Cooks voyage to Australia and New Zealand.

This is the palm tree from Jerusalem.  I wonder if ist is called the Jerusalem Palm?  The shape is half way between a leaf on a stem, and the "blade of grass" leaf of the flax bush.

This is a particularly magnificent palm  The leaves are much fresher than the one in the background.

Jubilee Street

This website gets part of its name from Jubilee Street, the street where I live. This morning I went for a walk with my camera.   Take a look for yourself!

It looks a very ordinary street, and that is a true perspective.  But anywhere that is ordinary is often worth a closer look.

Here, a brightly coloured bush is jammed up to the fence by  a parked car.

The flower resembles the head of a "Bird of Paradise". The plant gets its name from this resemblance and so is called "Bird of Paradise".

The Road to Waiouru

Monday, I went on  a road trip to the centre of the North Island.  The road goes through a place called Kuripapango.  It travels over "Gentle Annie" the steepest section of Highway in New Zealand.  It travels over highland country all above 300 metres.  I took some fotos.

In the [western] distance, we can see the Ruahine Ranges.  You can get another view of the ranges in my Kereru Blog.

Behind the clump of Manuka in the centre, is the dip in the hills that marks the border between the Northern Ruahines and the Southern part of the Kawekas.

Summer Lawn

The kittens are all with Silva for a week.  The mother is going to have an operation [Spade] and so the kittens have to go away so that momma puss stops producing milk.    

We have been having the driest December on record.  Here in Hawkes Bay we have been having temps of 29 [C] but Christchurch and other areas in the South Island have had more than 33 [C].  I have not watered the lawn, and only watered the garden twice.  Then last Thursday we had some good rain.  Now I will have to cut the lawn.

Tuesday 12th December 2017

The kittens are thriving wonderfully.  They play with everything.  I leave lots of "stuff" for them to play with.  They move it around and leave my floor in a mess, but they are happy.

Some recent fotos.

Tiger reclining like one of the ancient Romans.

Ginger thinking he is Tiger.

Tan off on a cross country.

Blackie in a shady place.

Cheers Chris the Pipemaker

Some views of Kereru Station.

Kereru Station is a large station near the Northern end of the Ruahine Ranges.  I visited the station on a beautiful fine day in November of 2017.  The views of the surrounding Hawkes Bay hills are stunning.  Here are the best shots.

The Kereru Station Homestead paddock with sheds, backed by a view from the North of the highest points of the Ruahine ranges.

The nearer hills to the left are in front of the Ruahine Ranges, [which are behind..  they are the more northern parts of the range.

Friday 8th December 2017

The kittens are almost half their mother's size....  although not by weight.  ....  in height and length.

Here are the most recent fotos.

Jena showing the kittens some love.

In the hands of a good vet.

Silva loves to play with the kittens.  Here Blackie is getting the attention.



Ginger is  the biggest of the kittens.

Tan [taken 3 minutes ago.]

Tan & Ginger.

Fotogenic Blackie posing for her upcoming Hollywood appearance!

Tiger  ..  "What me worry!

Tues 20th November. 5Weeks

The kittens are at their cutest.  They are big fluffy balls of mobility.  They have been able to run in the last three days.  They have been biting and chewing a few things, but mostly each other.   They have started to follow the paper on a string toy.  They have made the occasional attempt to eat things, but no lasting attempt.  Mum has been on a regime of lots of chicken liver, cattle kidneys and lambs heart.  The chicken liver is a favourite.  I tried some chicken carcases, and Momma didn't take to that so I made some food for myself, which was delicious.

During the Fifth Week. THurs 16th

The kittens are quite mobile now.  They run and jump and play roughly with each other.  Mostly it is play boring and biting.  They are not much interested yet in the piece of paper on a string. 

Students who have their lessons in my "Studio" love playing with the kittens.  Jena os having a wee cuddle with ginger.

Another admirer comes to look at them.

Ginger is a strong and healthy kitten.

Tiger is an alert and playful kitten.

Black  is liked by everyone.

You can see that Momma Cat and her two boys Ginger and Tan are related.
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