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A cute pussy-cat has adopted me and my household as a "domicile".  Her name is "Woody", which is not surprising since she has a coat that would make a wonderful pattern to find in wood.

Here is Woody trying her best to look starved.

Here she trying out for a part in a hollywood movie about starving cats.

Here she is being rewarded for her acting ability.  Of course she has access to food at any time so she is clearly not hungry.  Its just that I have some nice treats on top of the dresser.

A new set of pipes

I have started on a pile of wood that is in 4X2 [or 100 by 50mm] form.  This is the standard size for building.  They are left overs from demolition of my old shed, and some off-cuts I got from a timber merchant. They have all been cut into halves so they are now 2X2 [50X50mm]

The bottom shelf has blsnks  of wood, mostly Rimu,  from the old shed. The top shelf has Plane tree wood.  That is from the timber merchant.

Her are the billets of wood waiting to be drilled.  There are two pieces of Eucalyptus on the left, four pieces of Mahogany in the middle and a piece of Bay tree wood.

When its Spring.....

Spring has begun to spring here in Hasting in New Zealand.  See below....

Two of the plum trees are going for it.  Blossoms everywhere.  The one on the left is the one I hacked about a bit.  It has few blossoms.  That makes up for last year when I could have harvested twenty or thirty buckets of plums.  The second and third plum trees are doing well..

This is the third plum tree.  It will be loaded with plums as it is blossoming heavily.

Even the apricot has blossoming.

Turning the Eurythmy Balls

Sometimes Eurythmists [movement teachers in Steiner Schools] ask me for exercise balls turned out of wood.  The order was for twelve, so I turned them out of Matai with a diameter of 61mm.

I laid them out just before I wrapped them up for posting.

The matai comes from verandah posts in a big house that was pulled down in Nelson.  It is the most beautiful golden matai.  All were made between the 21st and 24th of August 2017. On one of the balls you can read 21 8 17.  Another says 24 8 17.

Pruning the Prunus

I have three plum trees on my section.  [prunus!].  Last year I did not prune them.  It was a mild case of colon cancer. This year I have to remove much larger amounts.

This foto shows some of the material removed.  I trim the branches, shred the smaller bits and put the bigger pieces aside to be sawn up into firewood.

Half way through the pruning.  It took me a long time.  There was such a pile of wood in the end.

The apple tree .... -foreground and the two late plums are not yet trimmed.

Pipemaking again at last!

For some time I have busy making work for a commission.  It is a set of three easels that sit on tabletops.  Here is a foto of one.

The three easels took up all my work space in the workshop, so I could not do any turning. Since Monday I have been able to get back on the lathe.  Check out the heap of turnings! [See the gas bottle in the background for comparison.  The heap is a metre high.]

It takes a bit of work to make a heap that size!  The rain is needed to wet the shavings so that they start to decompose.

Morning has broken AGAIN

Last "morning has broken" post, was a foto of a glorious morning.  Today is glorious toooooo!   For Ducks.

Don't be fooled by the flashlight in the foreground.  It was dark!

It was a Grey, Rainy, Day!  Great for creatures with webbed feet.  

See todays other blog about the benefits of grey, rainy days. 

Cheers Pipemaker 

Scenic Beauty

We live in a very beautiful land here in New Zealand.  One of the main journeys for me is to take a trip to Taupo.  It is the next village on the way to Auckland.  We go through 150 km of hilly country with no towns or villages to get to Taupo.  It is considered a scenic route.

There is an alternate route that takes us to Taupo via Waiouru.  This route used to be a horrible way to travel North.  The surface was gravel, It was steep and narrow in many parts.  Now the road is sealed all the way.


How do I get wood.

Mostly what I use is destined to be burnt.  I listen for chain saws.  Then I go to the place and beg a small piece.  That is one way.

I find out who is cutting down trees.  I beg a section of the tree.  [It would normally be burnt.]

I give people things    in exchange for   ....     wood. 

Some people give me wood, because I make things form it.

I have a big saw which allow me to cut the wood into billets.  [400 X 55 X 55mm.

Bamboo Society

I belong to one of the most amazing societies.  It is called the New Zealand Bamboo Society.  

The members are people who have not got anything better to do than hang around and talk.  Which we do when we a working on projects together.  

Here are we working on a contraption. [I am on the right]

  We are attempting to tie two bamboos together.  We get quite good at it after ten tries or so.

This is the contraption we were working on.  It is made of bamboo we cut from a grove of "Phyllostachus Henonis"   [which technically is a cultivar of P.
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