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Friday 27th October.

The kittens are now 11 days old and their eyes are open enough for them to register light and dark.  They are still not looking at things. Here is mum with all her kittens.

Little Tigerstripe is showing her face. Tan, Blackie and Ginger are doing what they spend most of the time doing...  feeding.

Blackie and Tigerstripe are just such cute kittens.  As you can see, their eyes are open.

Ginger is in the spotlight here.  She is as cute as her mother!

As you can see, Mum is a very beautiful cat.

Thursday's Post

Today is Thursday 26th of October 2017.  The kittens are ten days old.  Their eyes are just open.  They don't see much.  They are well fed and fat.  Here are the most recent fotos.

From left, Blackie, Ginger, Tan and Tigerstripe.

Cam you name them?

Tan, Ginger, Blackie and Tigerstripe.

Ginger's eyes are clearly open.

Tigerstripes colours are starting to emerge.  There is now some ginger in the mix.

Mew, mew, where's mum? Ginger's eyes are 'open' but she is not using them.

Wed Day Nine

First, a foto or two from Monday.

Mamma Puss [Woody]  shifted the kittens to the bottom shelf.  The kittens were now on the floor.

They are still in the wardrobe, but able to explore the whole house.  "Good move!"  I thought.  She looks very comfortable.

Here are the kittens from Monday, day seven.  

Today, Wednesday, Mamma Woody shifted them one more time, to a shelf standing on the bedroom.  More light, but connected to the rest of the house over a wooden lip.

Mondays Foto. Day Seven

After a week kittens start to open their eyes.  That is tomorrow.  Already the kittens are moving around more  readily  but they are still crawling on their stomachs.  This is not surprising as they are certainly fat enough.  Here then are two fotos.

Ginger is face up, Tan nearest the camera, Blackie is  on the outside facing in and Tiger-stripe is under them all.

Anyone want a kitten?  They wean in five weeks so one week after that and one could be yours.

Cheers Chris the Pipemaker.

The Weekend

Kittens grow incredibly fast. They were born Tuesday afternoon.  Next Tuesday they are scheduled to open their eyes.  Already you can see how strong and robust they are compared to their newborn state.

There are still five little kittens.  Whiteface climbed out of the nest and died from exposure sometime on Friday after this foto was taken.

On saturday, with only four the kittens, they are still cosy and growing fast.  Eat, sleep, eat sleep.  Thats all they do!

The kittens now have names.

Friday 20thOct

Are the kittens any bigger?  I don't know but they are fat.

In four days their eyes will begin to open.  It all moves quickly 

Cheers Chris the Pipmaker

Thursday's Kitten foto

Hot off the camera.  Todays kitten fotos.

You can see a white faced ginger, a ginger faced ginger and the tiger striped black.

You can see that black has no tips or points of white.

Here Tiger Stripe shows his face.  Mum is very concerned and wants to pick one up straight away and take it back to her den.  

Cheers Chris the Pipemaker.

Addition to the family

Tuesday afternoon my ginger cat Woody disappeared. I found her the next morning hiding in my wardrobe on a shelf designed for shoes.

Here she is last week, heavily pregnant.  I thought....  maybe none kittens!

Here she is Wednesday morning with five.   Three ginger, a totally black and a tiger striped black.  Well done Woody!

Cheers Chris the Pipemaker.

PS.  Anyone want some kittens?

Even More Flowers!

This is the third post of WA flowers.  These are almost entirely flowers I fotografed in the forest.

Small "red" gums that make up the majority of the trees in this part of the bush.  Not far away was a small area of Radiata forest that planted to provide lumber for building and other work.

A palm-like tree is being cared for by a junior forester.

All these buds are waiting to open, and there is no hint of the colour that will emerge.

I would guess from the bud leaves that there is some red in the flowers.

Some more flowers

During our visit to the forest to collect a post of Jarra, I took some more fotos of flowers.

These are not flowers, they are galahs.  They are colorful  too.

These yellow flowers have small leaves like those on Thyme.  Like Thyme the plant is a small shrub.

This plant has long thin branches with thin fleshy leaves.  It has a mass of white open flowers along the branches.  

The leaves are little different but the flowers have yellow wings to tubular red centres.

The same plant from another angle.
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