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Tutira and Wakapiro

Monday's excursion was to lakes Tutira and Wakapiro.

I have visited Tutira often but I've never walked around Wakapiro.  It is much smaller then Tutira.  Tutira is in the foto above.  Good-bye Tutira, Hello Wakapiro.

Wakapiro is a jewel of a lake early in the morning when there is no wind.

It will likely be a home to more tuis now that more flax has been planted.  The flax flowers have nectar that the tuis love.

I discovered a small flower growing in the grass.  It belongs to a fungus.

The seeds hanging in this tree identify it as a sycamore. [maple].

Witness the swing and the shelter.  Families may come here and camp.?  It is a huge spreading tree.

Surprise surprise!  The shelter is a chicken coop.  Camping spot not.

Somebody has been busy cutting down trees and heaping up the dead bodies to rot.  What a waste!  This is all firewood!!

There are some very big trunks here.  They are easily turned into firewood.

This trunk is showing clear signs of rotting.  The wood  has been felled more than a year ago. It is most likely poplar, which is not popular as firewood.   That explains the heaps.

More flowers amongst the paspalum.  Fungus flowers!

A large rotting stump on the waters edge.  Clearly there has been a massive operation to clear the lake shore.

More than one tree was involved!

I have to show stump and waters edge together!!!!

A mirror surface to the water!!!  Very pretty.

Someone assured me once, that this plant was tobacco.  As we were in Nelson it seemed likely.  But...........

.. its not.

I see a tree with beautiful flowers.

It is a NZ native, and an ancient one at that.

A cabbage tree in flower?  No, the little white things are nests of young spiders.

A great view of the lake.......   with an enormous truck passing, part hidden by the roadside hedge.  Such a peaceful place but modern life still intrudes.  Note the white line on water. What is that?

Its an air curtain.  Bubbles of air are being pumped into the lake to oxygenate it.

The bubbles show up quite well in this foto.'

This cherry sapling is clearly not a NZ native.

Maybe the cherry is related to the locals? ..  ..  who are just over the fence.

More trucks..  big ones at that....  these trucks  together with trucks carrying logs, were up and down the road frequently.  It is indeed a busy road.    .. and the lake is otherwise so peaceful.

The water is not disturbed by the large trucks.  The line of bubbles can just be seen.  Otherwise the lake becomes stagnant and develops algal blooms.

These polars [lombardy poplars this time] escaped the big cull.

Looking at the lake from this angle there are no big trucks.


The sedge reminds me of the palms I showed in my Jubilee Street blog.

More flowers.. again of a fungus.

More flowers.. .. .. grass flowers.  Don't know the name of this one.

I think my father called this one "Fog".  It is very soft and fluffy.  I once had a trick played on me as a young child.  Someone pulled a head of this grass through my teeth.  It was worse then dry weetbix.

This flower resembles the heads of oats.

I know this one well from my childhood.  It is fescue.  My father considered it an inedible grass but vigorous.  Today  fescues are some of the new wonder grasses.

Paspalum with its sticky head.  Even though paspalum is unpopular amongst farmers in HB, we had paspalum on our lawn and loved it.  Its always green, [but it is harder for cows to digest.]

The head of rye grass, the farmers standby.

A clover flower and a "not clover" flower.  Looks like a clover flower though.

This yellow clover is also called Lotus Major. A good grass to have growing.

Flax on this side of the lake too.  Tuis will be rejoicing.

This flax has flowered once but is trying to do so again.

Within a few yards of this last foto I was back on the edge of Lake Tutira.  

Til next time 

Cheers Chris the Pipemaker.

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