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Tuesday 12th December 2017

The kittens are thriving wonderfully.  They play with everything.  I leave lots of "stuff" for them to play with.  They move it around and leave my floor in a mess, but they are happy.

Some recent fotos.

Tiger reclining like one of the ancient Romans.

Ginger thinking he is Tiger.

Tan off on a cross country.

Blackie in a shady place.

Cheers Chris the Pipemaker

Friday 8th December 2017

The kittens are almost half their mother's size....  although not by weight.  ....  in height and length.

Here are the most recent fotos.

Jena showing the kittens some love.

In the hands of a good vet.

Silva loves to play with the kittens.  Here Blackie is getting the attention.



Ginger is  the biggest of the kittens.

Tan [taken 3 minutes ago.]

Tan & Ginger.

Fotogenic Blackie posing for her upcoming Hollywood appearance!

Tiger  ..  "What me worry!

Tues 20th November. 5Weeks

The kittens are at their cutest.  They are big fluffy balls of mobility.  They have been able to run in the last three days.  They have been biting and chewing a few things, but mostly each other.   They have started to follow the paper on a string toy.  They have made the occasional attempt to eat things, but no lasting attempt.  Mum has been on a regime of lots of chicken liver, cattle kidneys and lambs heart.  The chicken liver is a favourite.  I tried some chicken carcases, and Momma didn't take to that so I made some food for myself, which was delicious.

During the Fifth Week. THurs 16th

The kittens are quite mobile now.  They run and jump and play roughly with each other.  Mostly it is play boring and biting.  They are not much interested yet in the piece of paper on a string. 

Students who have their lessons in my "Studio" love playing with the kittens.  Jena os having a wee cuddle with ginger.

Another admirer comes to look at them.

Ginger is a strong and healthy kitten.

Tiger is an alert and playful kitten.

Black  is liked by everyone.

You can see that Momma Cat and her two boys Ginger and Tan are related.

Week Four

It is near the end of week four and the kittens are getting more mobile every day.  I saw Tiger jumping and Ginger do a little run.  They are play fighting quite a lot.  They are not so much bigger.  The are more active and they are looking at things.  You can see they now have irises in their eyes.

Little Tan has such big eyes.  He is also the quietest kitten

Ginger and Tiger are the most playful. This is Blackie with Ginger here.

Ginger and Tan are the odd couple.

Tiger has the strongest markings.

Three Weeks Old

Tuesday 7th of November 2017

The Kittens are now three weeks old.  In the life of kittens, time is compressed.  One week covers changes that with larger creatures, would take years.

They are more active and spend up to half an hour just getting around.  Todays fotos...

Black is looking around but Tiger is off on an explore. Ginger is waking up.

Kittens at this stage are very cute indeed.  I was at the vet on Monday and she thought that at 5 weeks they could be weaned.  TWO MORE WEEKS!

Sunday 5th November

A quite clear change has happened over the last 24 hours.  The kittens have all started to use their back feet.  They have become more mobile and are willing to explore.  They have started to look where they are going.

The only one that worries me is Ginger who still has one eye closed.  I will take her to the vet tomorrow.

The first fotos are from yesterday [Sat]

All four are cosy on my chair.

"Fatty" Ginger wobbling off for an explore.

Black and Tiger looking around.

Tiger making a run for it.

+Friday 3rd November 2017

The kittens are beginning to look around but I doubt that they see much. They are not yet following any movements with their eyes.  However they are doing well size wise.  

You can see how Ginger is so much bigger than Tan, who is at the back.

Tiger's markings are becoming clearer.

Tiger does have a pretty face.

It is easy to see why I have a soft spot for this kitten.

Ginger is a pretty kitten.  I may have to do something about his eye.

Black is a beauty.

I can't do much with the kittens before Momma Woody comes and supervises.

Thurs 2nd Nov.

The kittens are getting fatter.  Otherwise they are still crawling on their stomachs and not using theirs eyes much. I had them out from their den and onto the carpet again.  It was nice and warm.

Here they all are fresh from the dark den under the sink.  The light is very bright for them.

Ginger, who is very fat, and Blackie who is not very fat.

Tiger, who is also not that fat.

Blackie, who is getting more tan with each passing day, and tan, who is the smallest of the litter.

Contented Tan enjoying the warmth of the sun.

Tues 31 Oct

The kittens can't around but really haven't started looking yet





These are the kittens  Today, Wed 1st Nov.  The kittens are now 15 days old.

Woody is a good mum.

Ginger and Tiger get stuck in while the other two are away.

Blackie and Tan are exploring.

Cheers Chris the Pipemaker.

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