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Morning Tea at Birdies

There is a great place near Havelock North to have morning tree.  Tomorrow is my sister in laws birthday so we had a celebratory morning teaat a place called Birdies.

Birdies is famous for its indoor collection of very interesting artefacts and its great outdoor collection of bird art and African art imported from the artists themselves in Africa.

It is set in an area that was farmed but its now gardened.

Here is a flowering cherry at the peak of its blossoming glory.  There were several.

New Camera

The fotos that you see on my blog up to now have all been taken with a handy "point-and-shoot" pocket camera.  It has been useful as it is very small. I longed for clear close-ups so I went and bought a camera that will do "macro" work.

Here the first fotos with this camera.

"Woody" the cat enjoying the sunshine.

Woody the cat enjoying a nibble on some therapeutic silver beet.

A blackboy blossom.  [The fiddle tune is "Blackberryblossom".]
It looks like I'll have to get composing music now.

Spring is Sprung

Two weeks ago the first blossoms appeared on my first [= number One] plum tree.  I started pruning.

Now spring is really here with all the blossom trees in the garden getting going.

The blossoms on my first 'Blackboy' peach are just opening.  It is stunted because of the effect of the two bamboos nearby.  They slow growth of plants near them.

From close-up you can see the beautiful color in the blossoms.

Another view.

The daughter plant is doing very well.

This tree has grown tooo big for a tree just outside a window, but is beautiful and a strong producer of fruit.


A cute pussy-cat has adopted me and my household as a "domicile".  Her name is "Woody", which is not surprising since she has a coat that would make a wonderful pattern to find in wood.

Here is Woody trying her best to look starved.

Here she trying out for a part in a hollywood movie about starving cats.

Here she is being rewarded for her acting ability.  Of course she has access to food at any time so she is clearly not hungry.  Its just that I have some nice treats on top of the dresser.

When its Spring.....

Spring has begun to spring here in Hasting in New Zealand.  See below....

Two of the plum trees are going for it.  Blossoms everywhere.  The one on the left is the one I hacked about a bit.  It has few blossoms.  That makes up for last year when I could have harvested twenty or thirty buckets of plums.  The second and third plum trees are doing well..

This is the third plum tree.  It will be loaded with plums as it is blossoming heavily.

Even the apricot has blossoming.

Pruning the Prunus

I have three plum trees on my section.  [prunus!].  Last year I did not prune them.  It was a mild case of colon cancer. This year I have to remove much larger amounts.

This foto shows some of the material removed.  I trim the branches, shred the smaller bits and put the bigger pieces aside to be sawn up into firewood.

Half way through the pruning.  It took me a long time.  There was such a pile of wood in the end.

The apple tree .... -foreground and the two late plums are not yet trimmed.

Morning has broken AGAIN

Last "morning has broken" post, was a foto of a glorious morning.  Today is glorious toooooo!   For Ducks.

Don't be fooled by the flashlight in the foreground.  It was dark!

It was a Grey, Rainy, Day!  Great for creatures with webbed feet.  

See todays other blog about the benefits of grey, rainy days. 

Cheers Pipemaker 

Morning has Broken....

I have not enjoyed this winter.  There have been too many days with COLD rain or just overcast, windy days.  A number of times I have kept the fire going all day, and have stayed inside reading.

However one morning just recently was a beauty.
 This is it.

It is going to be a wonderful day.

Spring Blossoms

Spring is moving very fast at the moment.  A few days makes a large difference to the blossoms on the trees.  The plum trees have finished.

The Apricot tree is now blossoming on the top branches.  It looks like a huge crop for January.

This foto was taken on a day that was a wee bit overcast.  Three days later we have a tropical low pouring its heart out over us.  Very wet.  If it weren't for that we would almost be in drought!!!!

Cheers Chris the Pipemaker. 

Maypole Dancing

Your pipemaker is also a fiddler.  What better occasion to go fiddling than the Spring Festival at Hohepa School's Spring Festival.    The following foto is of two fiddlers playing for the Maypole Dancing at the fair.   The fair fiddler is playing a Waidler Fiddle from Germany.  I am playing my Collin Mezin that I inherited from my Grandmother Enid.

We had lots of help from those who live at Hohepa Clive.  The school students are doing the dancing.

Cheers Chris the Fiddleplayer.
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