Jubilee Pipes - .pipes and flutes for children.  Class sets of instruments.


Four products are kept in stock at the moment:-  Wooden six hole pipes similar to recorders in two specifications.  Scorpio Pipes with standard holes; Orion pipes with smaller holes for little fingers; Scorpio pipes in Aluminium, Gemini Pipes tuned to DD [Octave Lower] in Aluminium  

These pipes are simpler to play than recorders and suitable for pentatonic music, Celtic music and for playing diatonic [normal keys] songs and tunes. 

The pipes are pitched to the key of D, or DD [an octave lower] and play tunes in D major, G major, E minor and B minor. 

They are all $30 US [but for New Zealanders local $NZ are accepted]. This price includes postage to anywhere in the world.  Low pipes in DD ore $75.

Similar pipes in wood or bamboo can be ordered in any pitch.  
Oder by email <<chrsbacchus@gmail.com>>
Pay by Paypal account .. <<chrsbacchus@gmail.com>>
Some Constellation pipes from stock:- Left to right Puriri, Plum, Totara, Towhai, Totara.

Here are some fotos of the Orion pipes with smaller holes.  One of the pipes [second from left is a Constellation for comparison].

This close-up shows the Constellation on the left and the Orion on the right.

Here is a foto of the types of pipes currently being made in my workshop. From left...  Constellation; Orion; Scorpio; two experimental aluminium pipes in D; four Gemini pipes in DD made out of Aluminium; four Scorpio pipes in Aluminium.  The Aluminium pipes have a much brighter, louder sound.  They are suitable for playing in bands or busking.  I would not recommend  them for school use as class sets, as the tone is too bright to mingle well. 

From left: Constellation; Orion; Scorpio; Trial pipes in aluminium; Gemin DD; Scorpio Aluminium.
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