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New Pipes
Hurrah!!  At Last.    The new model [called Orion] with smaller holes is working.   It has taken me quite some time to refine the new model so it works really well..

The first thing to be settled was the size of the bore hole.  After lots of unsuccess with  larger bores and conical bores, I settled on a 12mm bore.  This makes it interesting as the 12mm auger bit does not alway drill into end grain with a completely straight hole.  This is essential.  Some blanks are turned into firewood as a result. The 12mm bored pipes are longer than the 15mm straight bore pipes when tuned to D.  Explain that!!!!  

Once I had run a few pipes withe the 12mm bore and they worked, I started on a run of forty.  Here is a foto of some Macrocarpa pipes finished yesterday [29 06 14]

The Macrocarpa is relatively soft but has a nice grain.  Sometimes knots need to be stabilized with glue.  They are light and have a bright and woody sound.

Here is a foto of some blanks ready to be tuned and have the finger holes drilled.  All the Macrocarpa has been done. These blanks are from Casuarina,Pseudo Panax and some assortment of other woods.  Both the Casuarina and the Pseudo Panax were surprises.  The trees they come from are very unprepossessing, but the wood is absolutely amazing.   The one piece of Feijoa I rescued from the woodbox was not fortunate.  It tuned too high so it became a dog-whistle.  Feijoa is very nice indeed. Dog whistles are only ok. I felt really sad about that.

There is some nice wood coming up.  Here are two fotos of Pepper wood being prepared by cutting it into billets.  These will be dried for a year or so.

Pepper wood on the band saw.

Pepper billets on the floor waiting to be named and stored.

Making pipes is a wonderful activity.  

Next week I am in Australia.  That is hard as there are so many trees in Australia that would be ideal for pipe making!!!!!  And I can't bring much back!!!!  

Do drop a line or two by email or add a post if you are interested in hearing more.

Cheers,  Chris the Pipemaker

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