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Some Sunny Day

Some Sunny Day like today the sun is out in a cloudless sky for the first time for a long time.   It is a pleasure to get up, get out and get working.

 I took the camera with me and I have some fotos to show you.

I have been trying out some burnishing, that is "burning" marks into the flutes [or pipes as I prefer to call them]  Here are some shots.  What do you think.  

Please post with you opinion!!!!

Closer look here.

The burnishing is done with a piece of string.  The string is applied when the pipe is turning at high speed in the lathe.  The string burns up.  The pipe is blackened. 

As I said, the sun is shining.  Here are fotos of the bamboo growing in the sunlight at the bottom of my garden.

A closer look at the culms of the "Latiflora" Bamboo.

This "Dendrocalamus Latiflora"  is a very big bamboo. [The bamboo on the right of the picture is Oldhamii]

Here is a close up of the bottom of a new culm, showing the culm sheaths.

As you can see, it is large.  The culms do taper off as they get higher, but they are still large.  A foto as proof.

When you haven't seen much sun, it is a great joy to see the sunlight on the leaves, and here, on the culm sheaths.

A final shot for this blog.  I love my black bamboo ["Phylostachus Nigra"].  This foto shows the sunlight on the beautiful black stems of this bamboo growing in the front of my section.

People passing by get to enjoy the beauty of one of the loveliest bamboos available
 in New Zealand.  You do have to take care with this bamboo.  It does send out root a prdigious distance.  Up to twenty metres.  These will send up shoots in the spring.  They are easy to care for.  You just have a good pair of secateurs, and use them regularly.

Please don't forget to post an opinion about the marking on the pipe shown in the first two fotos. 

 Cheers, Chris the Pipemaker.


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