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Making things from Bamboo

Just recently a class from Taikura Steiner School has been doing a craft "Week"  for three weeks.  I had six students, who made dogwhistles,bamboo pipes and even turned a pipe from wood. They made pencil holders out of larger bamboo, and then began constructing models out of slivers of bamboo. 

These fotos are of the results of their work.

Two small dog whistles with pyrografic decorations.  We had four burning tips available, so each student could spend a lot of time on the pyrograf.

These are some of the pencil holders students made.  The fancy red and black one at the top is made from Tortoise shell moso,  or more correctly Phyllostachus Edulis Kikoo.  Rather hard to get as it is very slow growing.

This student made a very beautiful matai pipe  and a couple of pencil holders.  One, with name, is intended as a gift for a sibling.  It is from a very large [13cm diameter] piece of moso from the Coromandel.

These three pipes, two of bamboo, and one of silver birch, are very artistically  decorated.

This student is splitting bamboo into slivers in preparation for making a model.

This is the first step in making an icosahedron, [twenty sided regular shape]

The finished icosahedron.

"Will this work?"    This project is part of a competition...  to build a tall tower using slivers of bamboo.  The base is a piece of custom wood shown in the picture at bottom left.

One of the towers used a construction principle based on the icosahedron.

Adding the top requires very delicate co-operation.

Even more bits had to added on top of the top.

Time to stand back and adore the finished project.

The other group started with a different model. They based it on the cube.

The second group were quick to get started.  They started by gluing legs onto the base board and built using triangles on top of that.

Their base is very sturdy.  At this point they need to work with the base on the floor.

Now these students were forced to stand on stools.

This tower won by a small margin.  It took longer to build but was higher.  It used some clever design principles in its construction.

The students may have learnt a lot.  I certainly did.  They did a great job of the projects they were asked to complete.  

Maybe viewers might be inspired use bamboo in new ways  

Cheers Chris the Pipemaker. 

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