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Bayview Fair

The Bayview Fair was organised by Eskdale School, which is a small country school on the main road between Napier and Taupo.  It is less than twenty kms from Napier so it is only just out of the Napier area, close enough to Bayview, the next Dorp on the way North from Napier.

I had no idea who would be at the fair, but I guessed there would be lots of children, so I made lots of items I could sell for two or three dollars.

This foto shows some of the items I had made.  The longer pipes are "Tabor Pipes" with one hole.  They are also known as "Overtone Pipes" because they use the higher overtones to make tunes.

One bucket has some "Dog Whistles" which make a loud noise. [Red one on the left of the foto.]   Small boys find loud instruments irresistible. They sell for $2 if they are out of bamboo, or $3 if they are the ends of turned pipes that were not quite in tune.  [They are the ones in the bottom yellow ice cream container at the bottom of the picture.

These strange shapes are from part of some "Moso" culms.  A particular variety of Moso has culms that have diagonally sloping nodes.  It creates most wonderfully artistic shapes.  I wanted to make something out of them, so I drilled a hole which I shaped into a mouthpiece like that of a flute.  They make only one note, which sounds like an owl hooting.  They are perfect trainers for learning to play the flute.  $3 each.

Here I am at my stall. I have a little bamboo six hole pipe in my left hand.  They are marvellous.  The thin walls of the "textilis" bamboo allows me to get very accurate    tuning easily.  They also play the upper octaves sweetly and brightly.  $10.  The tall turned pipes are one hole tabors made out of pieces I turned to make wooden fifes in DD [low D] but I wasn't getting the right sound out of them.  They made excellent tabors.  $3

Here I am playing a small six hole bamboo whistle. Very sweet sound.  $10

This foto shows how to play and "Owl Hooter". $3

The tabor is played with just one finger.  Simple, really simple.  $3

I didn't do as well as the Taikura fair on the previous Sunday, but well enough to make it all worth while.  

Cheers,  Chris the Pipemaker

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