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Plants of Western Australia

Western Australia is an amazing place.  Even if it lacks mountains, or even hills, it is not entirely flat.  However the rises and falls of the land are not great. Even so it is a great place.

 Its most interesting feature is the coast.  

The next most interesting is the amazing plant life.  You can see from my wildflowers blog that the flowers are unique.  There are more than 12,000 different plants that have been recognised in WA.   There are 1200 more that are on the "waiting list".  These are plants that have been observed but not catalogued.

This is a "blackboy".  It gets its black color because it has been burnt.  In the fire season in summer, they are so dry and flammable that they can fan a fire very strongly.  So they are burnt in winter.

Here is a blackboy that has recovered from burning so you can see the drying leaves that catch fire.

This is a foto of a blackboy that is new.  Notice the long tall seed head that provides seeds.  It emerges from the top.  These go brown and produce little capsules which explode seeds onto the ground when ripe.

My son Jake burnt these black boys in the bush around his home because of fire risk.

The internal structure of the black boy is amazing.  It is completely hollow.  The individual leaves come out from an individual kernel.  The kernels are stacked in a ring on top of each other. They have the smell and feel of the individual parts of a pine cone.  They fall apart quite easily.

This is a moth I saw on the new Jarra weatherboards of the extension to Jake's cottage.  It was nearly ten centimetres across.

Jake is a winemaker.  This is what a winery looks like.

This is new oak on one of the barrels.  The camera can't quite get the full glory of the wood but it is [to a wood worker] impressive.

This shows how the head of the barrel is locked into place with a wedge of oak.

I hope you enjoyed these fotos.  Cheers Chris the Pipemaker. [the father of THE Winemaker]

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