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The Best Park in Hastings

The Park in Mahora has some very nice plants.  Particularly because Hastings is Sister City to Guilin in China. As a gift to Hastings, the Guilin city Council  gifted Hastings with a Chinese style garden.

Even the entrance wall is promising.

The first plants to greet you when entering are black bamboos off the PHYLLOSTACHUS NIGRA family.

This is a stone from Guilin.  It is limestone.  The rains have dissolved away portions of the rock.  I first thought it was a meteorite.

A pavilion built by Guilin craftsmen.

This miniature tree is so perfect in form.

You do not need to guess who put this pavilion together.  It was the same team who assembled the other pavilion.

Of course a cherry tree has to be in the garden.  However, July is midwinter for Hastings.  Why is this cherry flowering?  Has nobody told it it is winter??

NZ grows a lot of American pines.  For balance here is a Chinese one.

Trees are built by FLOWING sap.  Flow lines can be seen in this tree, around the branches, or rather the lumps where they used to be.

This tree has dropped a lot of foliage on the ground.  The foliage looks pink and has no characteristic leaf shape.

The mystery is uncovered.  The tree is a maple with very fine leaves. When they drop for winter they are pink and wrinkled.

This is sometimes called a Jerusalem Palm, as it is mentioned in the new testament [palm Sunday].  Obviously the Chinese were ahead of Jerusalem.  [In fact European trees have all been traced to Chinese ancestors by one author I read.]

When I read John and Bunny Mortimer's book of trees and their bark, I started to pay more a attention to the bark of trees.  What a beautiful example of interesting bark is shown by this tree.

Foliage near the larger pavilion.

This bamboo shows the result of a wetter than usual Autumn.  The new culms are much taller than the old ones.

Most people opt for clumping bamboo like this in their gardens.  In fact runners like the black bamboo near the entrance are more rewarding if you care for them properly, for they can be trimmed to just a few culms so easily.  Beware, however, if you don't care for them. They can grow runners 30metres long. The clumper above can be left to grow in peace.  If you want to thin it, however, prepare to lose your hair from frustration.  

The gardeners here really care for the plants very well.  This shrub has obviously been expertly pruned.  The lumps left on the trunks are very pretty. 

The last of the berries!!!!  Just one left.

 Now you know why I am slow to jump to conclusions.  Just around the corner a profusion of berries.

The rest of the park story tomorrow.

Cheers Chris the Pipemaker.

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