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Bamboo pipemaking

Bayview Fair

The Bayview Fair was organised by Eskdale School, which is a small country school on the main road between Napier and Taupo.  It is less than twenty kms from Napier so it is only just out of the Napier area, close enough to Bayview, the next Dorp on the way North from Napier.

I had no idea who would be at the fair, but I guessed there would be lots of children, so I made lots of items I could sell for two or three dollars.

This foto shows some of the items I had made.  The longer pipes are "Tabor Pipes" with one hole.


From time to time I have workshops on Pipemaking.  Here are some Fotos from a recent workshop.  We were making bamboo pipes and bamboo geometrical models.

Once a pipe has been made the student "burns" decorations onto it.

The burning tool is useful for cleaning up the slintery edges to the finger holes.

This student had little burning on her pipe but finished the surface beautifully.

A student produce holds up her beautifully made pipe.

[Sorry about the legs and pipe lineup.]

We also made models of platonic solids.

Bambusa Textilis, the Pipemakers Bamboo

The best bamboo for pipe making!

This is the first of several articles on making bamboo pipes.

The best bamboo for pipe making is Bambusa Textilis.  In new Zealand this is often sold as [Bambusa] Gracilis.    Gracilis is a cultivar of Textilis.

Here are some fotos of Textilis.

This foot shows the culms which have a bousih tinge especially where the culm sheaths have been.

Here is another angle of the same plant.

The bamboo grows to a good height.  This bamboo has done well because it has had a heap of compost at its feet for two years.
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