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Black Bamboo

Black Bamboo is a running bamboo.  I have some fotos of this mornings operations to keep the bamboo in line.  Note DO NOT grow running bamboo within 30m of a dwelling or building.

In this foto, the general area around the bamboo clump is shown.  The clump in the middle has roots going out to the far edge of the picture, more than 10m from the centre of the clump.

The "Nigra" [black bamboo] reaches right up to the neighboring Latiflora.

Three shoots are visible in this closeup.

Some Sunny Day

Some Sunny Day like today the sun is out in a cloudless sky for the first time for a long time.   It is a pleasure to get up, get out and get working.

 I took the camera with me and I have some fotos to show you.

I have been trying out some burnishing, that is "burning" marks into the flutes [or pipes as I prefer to call them]  Here are some shots.  What do you think.  

Please post with you opinion!!!!

Closer look here.

The burnishing is done with a piece of string.  The string is applied when the pipe is turning at high speed in the lathe.

Bambusa Textilis

Bambusa Textilis is the bamboo of choice for making pipes, 'Irish Whistles' or flutes.  Often it is sold under the name "Gracilis" which is the name of the B. Textilis cultivar that is most popular.

Here is foto of a stand of B. Textilis in a school garden.

You can see little of the culms [or canes]. Grass surrounds the base and it looks unloved and unlovely.  

Here from the side

I spent some time "editing" the clump.  Pruning in other words.

Here it is again.


I have recently been to the AGM of the bamboo society.  This is an important activity for me, as I make a number of pipes out of bamboo.

There are some amazing bamboos.  I brought one back with me that is a golden "Bambusoides". Phyllostachys Bambusoides is a large, strong bamboo with particularly good  ability to withstand weathering outdoors.  Normally, bamboo is destryed by exposure to UV light.  Three years is quite good for bamboo outside.  Bambusoides is reckoned to  last twice that.
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