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School Visits

As part of my work as a fiddler I spread the word about the fiddle in local country schools.   Country School children are very open to music.  I play different programs to different age groups.  

The younger students get to dance.  

The older students have a game called fiddle tunes around the world.  

Children in between get to hear some stories that have a filled part to them.  Here are some fotos of attentive children at a school I visited today.

These children are listening to me play a violin piece.

Helping Children recognise the Fiddle

This Foto  is taken at a recent performance for  some young children at a country school in Hawkes Bay.  I have nearly completed my tour around country schools from as far South as East Argyll and as far north as Te Pohue.  In this foto the students are playing musical statues.

I am the child who is playing the fiddle and having the most fun!  Cheers Chris the Pipemaker

Country School Concert

Here are some fotos of school children from a small country school.  It is a real pleasure to bring them their first experience of live music.

The juniors are marching to some music.

They are imitating a pussycat after a mouse.

The seniors are guessing where a fiddle-tune is from.

It is my intention to do more of these school concerts to bring live music to more children. Watch this space.

Cheers Chris the Fiddle-Player.

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