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In the Workshop

I have been busy in the workshop lately.   The reason is that I have some school visits [playing the fiddle] coming up and I like to have something to give away.

These are sections of a bamboo culm.  I have just been over them with some steel wool.

Cut to size the bamboo makes excellent holders for pens and pencils.  Ideal for a students desk.... especially when named using the pyrograph [burner engraver.]

These ones are ready to be given away.  They have been oiled with rice-bran oil.

New Pipes

I have been busy in the workshop these last few days.  I finished turning on Sunday.  I now had nearly 40 pipe bodies to hole and tune.  Starting Sunday I started with the Rimu pipes.

Here's the pile of pipes before I started on Sunday.

Here's what's left on Monday.

New Rims pipes.  You can read the dates on them. 30  10  17.

The Rimu makes beautiful instruments.  Some close-ups.

You can see the nice swirling Rimu grain.  The wood surface holds the shine really well.

New Pipes

I have a pipe student.  That is someone who comes to me to learn to play the pipe.  She plays lots and so makes excellent progress.  

She offered to help me tune the pipes. So now my pipes are better tuned than ever.  And don't have to " second" as many as I can get the tuning more except.  AND that is something I am very fussy about.  My problem is that I can vary the pitch with breath control.  If a pipe is not in tune I breath it into tune.   It doesn't get correctly tuned then.

First Six-hole Pipe music book

The first Six-hole Pipe book!!!!

I have now finished a first book for Six-hole Pipe tunes.  I have chosen a range of easy tunes and then included some more demanding ones.  The group I had in mind was those students attending class five or higher in a Steiner School anywhere in the world.  Naturally anyone who plays recorder or Irish Whistle will find these tunes enjoyable.  

What is important is that the key of each tune is compatible with the playing of a six-hole pipe [in D].


New Pipes
Hurrah!!  At Last.    The new model [called Orion] with smaller holes is working.   It has taken me quite some time to refine the new model so it works really well..

The first thing to be settled was the size of the bore hole.  After lots of unsuccess with  larger bores and conical bores, I settled on a 12mm bore.  This makes it interesting as the 12mm auger bit does not alway drill into end grain with a completely straight hole.  This is essential.


The pipes now stocked at Jubilee pipes.  From left:- Constellation; Orion: Scorpio; Experimentla Aluminium pipes; Gemini DD; Scorpio Aluminium.
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