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Students playing


Timbernook is an idea that is spreading.  It encourages mothers to bring their children to play outdoors in places that resemble the farms and gardens that older generations experienced when they were young.  NATURAL playgrounds.     Friends of mine invited me to visit one, where I played my fiddle and my pipes.

Here I am, 73 years old playing a violin that is 128 years old.   If I live long enough I will get to be as old as my violin...  or fiddle as I prefer to call it.


The reason I make pipes is so young people can learn to play.  This foto is an example.

This is Silva's foto.  She is learning to play the six-hole pipe and comes regularly to play to me.  She is very enthusiastic and has learned extraordinarily quickly to play twenty or so tunes.  She  gives me great encouragement and helps me test the pipes and allows me to compare tuning, note for note, of the new pipes.  

Cheers Chris the Pipemaker


Big Trip South II

From Nelson I drove South, taking five days to cover the distance between Nelson and Gore.  I stopped at five schools and gave concerts on the fiddle....  one each day.  Here are some fotos.

Year one and two in Oamaru listen to the sound of the fiddle.

They are clapping in time.

They are walking in time to the music.

Soldiers marching.

 This young student needed to feel the strings so he could experience how the strings vibrated.

It was great to be able to bring the live sould of the fiddle to children who all to ofren had only heard mechanical copies of real music.

Taikura Fete

Sunday 17th was the day for the school fair at Taikura Rudolf Seiner School in Hastings.  For Identity purposes and savvy marketing it is called a "Fete", which is a french word with a letter I don't have on my keyboard.  Lots of people come to the Fete, and I have been there for five or six years with my pipes.

This year I was well prepared with lots of Two Dollar and Five Dollar items.  I made lots of Dog Whistles[DW], some of which made a lot of noise.  These were for the nine year old boys.


Australia #1

When you open your big mouth you may and up with more than you bargained for.  When I was in NSW in February I visited a Steiner School in Central Coast.  It was a beautiful school with well set out grounds and lovely wooden classrooms that had a really nice ambience.  The school had begun a senior department that ended at class ten.  To divide the junior school from the senior school some very thoughtful person had planted a hedge of Bambusa Textilis var. Gracilis.

School Visit

One of my jobs is to go relief teaching in Hastings schools.  One of my favorite schools is in the country near Hastings.  I took a box of my 2012 pipes along with me as reward for those who finished their writing assignment, which was an article about how the pipes are made.  At the end of the day six students felt they were able to play one of the tunes they learnt that day, to the rest of the school in assembly.  Very impressive!!

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