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Hawkes Bay Big Sky

Sometimes you come to a place and you feel that the sky is so big.  This is the feel I get from Hawkes Bay compared with some other places in New Zealand.

This foto illustrates what I mean.  There is no clutter around.  The ground is flat.  The clouds are not close to the ground,  they fly high in the sky.

The last foto was to the East.  This one is to the North.  The mountains are covered by clouds.  The clouds are wind tossed and high. ....  Big Sky!!

Summer Lawn

The kittens are all with Silva for a week.  The mother is going to have an operation [Spade] and so the kittens have to go away so that momma puss stops producing milk.    

We have been having the driest December on record.  Here in Hawkes Bay we have been having temps of 29 [C] but Christchurch and other areas in the South Island have had more than 33 [C].  I have not watered the lawn, and only watered the garden twice.  Then last Thursday we had some good rain.  Now I will have to cut the lawn.

MoreWA pictures

Seen at the beach.  Some succulent plants with flowers.

I notice that soils throughout WA are rather stony/sandy.   Grass is a little sparser.

On any walk anywhere you soo many ant  nests.  The ants are generally good for the soil.

This tree inspires me.   It has such a beautiul marking.  The amazing thing is that this tree is a survivor of a fire.  Something a pine tree cannot do.

Cheers Chris the Pipemaker.

Categorical Catastrofic Caterwall.

Moggy "Woody" is on show.  She is a very beautiful marmalade Cat.

Coming inside from the garden.

Imitating a sfinx.

Is that a mouse...  or a leaf..?

No!  I think it is my sister.

Well whoever it is, it is time to enjoy the warmth of the morning.

Cheers Chris the Pipemaker.

Plants of Western Australia

Western Australia is an amazing place.  Even if it lacks mountains, or even hills, it is not entirely flat.  However the rises and falls of the land are not great. Even so it is a great place.

 Its most interesting feature is the coast.  

The next most interesting is the amazing plant life.  You can see from my wildflowers blog that the flowers are unique.  There are more than 12,000 different plants that have been recognised in WA.   There are 1200 more that are on the "waiting list".

Wednesdays Fotos

I make a second round with the new camera to try and learn how it works.

We start with a foto of the trimmings [prunings] of two weeks ago.

They fit compactly into a space next to the Textilis Bamboo and the firewood shed.

I have made two grandpa projects for little children I know.

The toys are based on the giant weta, a very rare NZ Native insect.

This foto shows the teeth of my large "breaking down" bandsaw. The saw can cut logs  up to 400mm thick. These logs are about the size of a human torso.

New in the Garden

New Bird
I live in sunny Hawkes Bay.  This winter has been [for me], the worst winter I've ever had.     It has taken me for ages to get the firewood under a roof to keep it dry.  Then I have had two commissions .  The first was to make 200 miles of toy train track.  [Not really two hundred!.  Just lots] Then someone asked me to make three easels for painting.  I am on my last day today.  So I have not been able to make any more pipes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

El Nino

This is a complaint blog.  It is addressed to the weather Gods who send us our weather.  They have sent us an "El Nino" pattern Spring and Summer.  For us on the east coast of the North Island of New Zealand,  that means drought.  Long periods of sunshine and hot weather with little rain.

Oh!  Good Weather Where are you?  We are having steady rain, and it started on Sunday.  It is now Wednesday , and apart from a little dry patch Tuesday Morning, It has been raining steadily for three days.


Is this Art?

I once studied under Frl. Koch at the Goeteanum, as part of my teachers course on Steiner education.   She is a most amazing person. Once, when a student spilled some paint, she wouldn't let us clean it up until we had all looked at it from the point of view of a painter/ artist. Since then I have often taken time out to do the same.  This morning I spilled my coffee cup.  The dregs flew high up the wall.  I looked.  I think the pattern is amazing, so I am sharing it in the hope someone else may find it amazing too.
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