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The big trip South III

The third part of my trip was to teach young students on Gore how to make bamboo pipes.

A student uses a dremel to clean out the finger holes of his pipe.

This student gets up close with the dremel.

Another yong student working at cleaning up the finger holes.

This student had really made a fone job of pyrography using hot wires.

Pyrography using these little hot wire burners is easy to learn.

Sanding gives a fine finish to the bamboo.  We are using Bambusa Textiles form my back garden.

A round file is ideal for cleanig of the burs left by the dril used for making the holes.

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I have been very busy these last three weekends.   In hamilton I held two courses for the mens shed.  The first, on Saturday 21st September, was a workshop on making bamboo pipes.  There were a good dozen there, and they returned the next day to turn pipes out of wood.  Everybody completed something each day that they could play.

One of the participants showed me some cherry sood from a fallen down tree.  The would was "to die for".  It had really nice color and was showing some signs of aplting on the outer layers of the log.

Australian visit fotos

Here are some fotos of students making pipes.  Etiquette is that the faces of school children are not shown.  These students worked hard and had fun at the same time.  One of the helping teachers are shown. All teacher helpers were much appreciated. They were great.

Aussie visit [number two]

My original reason for travelling to Aus was the availability of Bambusa Textilis at a Steiner School in Central Coast.  

I also visited another Steiner School in Newcastle

This school was very refreshing to visit.  I felt immediately at home.  At this school, pupils were put in first place, seocnd place and third as well.  The buildings might have been old and built entirely out of wood.  This gave them a great charm.  You could imagine that this school had been built when the world began.
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